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Author of Much Better Than Chocolate

S L Ross is the author of Much Better Than Chocolate series, woman’s self help guides to 100% sexual satisfaction. The first one deals strictly with achieving orgasm through intercourse, the second with your partner, and the third one is for those who have yet to achieve orgasm. Inspired by her own personal journey of discovering how to finally achieve orgasm through sex, she hopes her guide will spare other woman of the fruitless search for quick, concise information regarding  what she calls ‘sexual repression’ .  She has gone on to provide help for women around the world in conquering the intercourse ‘orgasm barrier’ with her book ‘MUCH BETTER THAN CHOCOLATE, A guide to achieving orgasm through intercourse’.

After receiving emails regarding questions from women on how to orgasm with their partners in general, not even through intercourse, she went on to write Much Better Than Chocolate; For Two, then Much Better Than Chocolate; For One.

PressphotoSMShe welcomes your feedback.

Contact her here at info@climaxhelp.com


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