The Embodiment of the Feminine

My friend Laura Hollick has/is going on a journey. She has travelled far to understand, nurture, and broadcast all she has learned about the word, meaning and depth of the Yoni. And on her journey she discovered an incredible meaning.

Meaning of Yoni: Yoni (IAST: yoni; Sanskrit: “womb”, “uterus”, “vagina”, “vulva”, “abode”, or “source”) is a stylised representation of female genitalia representing the goddess Shakti in Hinduism. Within Shaivism, the sect dedicated to the god Shiva, the yoni symbolises his consort. The male counterpart of the yoni is the lingam.

Many cultures do not openly embrace a woman’s sexuality let alone sexuality in general. This message–which isn’t at all subtle–is constant. From the time we were babies, our hands searched out our bodies in attempt to explore all that we have and through that exploration, we encountered our genitals which we found to have great sensitivities and, dare I say it, pleasant and exciting sensitivities.

As we continued to age through infancy and childhood however, our exploring hands were shunned with the unconscious message being sent that the area in which we were touching was bad. It’s amazing that we can become sexually functional at all with all the negative influences we have had regarding our bodies and sex.

When we age into our early teens we are left with teachers who instruct us on sexuality or we learn about it from the internet, through pornography if we happened to get a hold of it or often through misinformed friends. The problem with this is that the message of uneasiness, guilt and shame are being reinforced because we have to hear it from a school teacher and not our parents and in most cases even our older siblings will not discuss it. If by chance you had parents that were open to discussing sexuality in a positive way then you undoubtedly had a huge head start over the rest of us. This however is rare. For me, it took many years to feel comfortable enough to relax and not think about any of the negative impressions of sex that we unconsciously take in at home, at school, and in our communities.

So I was truly excited to learn about Laura’s Yoni art gallery, and the fact she invited me to take part in it by creating my symbolic version of the yoni. You can see her gallery here:

Yoni Art Gallery

Quoted from her website:

Your divine feminine power is not just a trend, it is a global calling

Most women never received any acknowledgement when they went through puberty, experienced their first blood, or had sex for the first time. Many women were never taught how to have an orgasm, or how to navigate their sacred landscape. This lack of initiation is reflected in the way women feel creatively blocked, harbor body insecurities, feel sexually unsatisfied, overwhelmed by the pressures of perfection and confused about what it means to be a woman in our world today. 

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